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Atopowe Team

Atopowe.pl is probably the first web portal in Poland, which from the very beginning helps the patients to overcome difficulties with treatment of atopis dermatitis.


As a chronic and visible the disease concerns also psychology – it brings out doubts and fear in both: patients and their families. For many of them the only emotional support that works is social support. In times of widespread digitalization of social life, such support comes with internet. Discussion forum on website www.atopowe.pl enables all the afflicted the exchange of experiences; the community support its members also by sharing information about meetings, workshops and conferences. The web portal contains also a lot of valuable information about the course of disease and treatment. For many users the web portal is important and plausible source of knowledge and place of encounter with others being in similarly difficult situation.

Organizer: Atopowe.pl

Website of the project: www.atopowe.pl

In what way your initiative engaged e-volunteers?

By transcribing the lectures about atopis, completing information on Wikipedia dedicated to the disease, by organizing rallies of aropowe.pl community, by giving advice on discussion forum, by giving support.

Who are the e-volunteers involved in the project? How did you start co-operation with them?

People who were active users of atopowe.pl web portal and wanted to participate in the project became e-volunteers.

How many volunteers are involved?

5 people.

How do you verify the e-volunteers’ competences before they start the co-operation with you?

People who were active users of atopowe.pl web portal and wanted to participate in the project, became e-volunteers.

[Translation provided by our e-volunteer - THANK YOU!!!]