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The idea to create and run the web portal emerged while trying to find any information on orphanages in Poland – it turned out we lacked in our country a place that would gather information about all orphanages.


Thanks to hard work and commitment of e-volunteers, in 2006 web portal was launched. It contained: organized information about polish orphanages, database with addresses and telephone numbers helping to contact the chosen orphanage, collection of up- to- date rules and regulations concerning the adoption’s procedures as well as subpage in function of a showcase for orphanages, discussion forum and finally information on current events, actions, trips and general needs of the establishments.

E-volunteers are responsible for moderating the web portal and discussion forum, they help the potential donors to contact orphanages, help to organize or organize themselves special events for children placed into foster care.

Website of the project: www.domydziecka.org

Who are the e-volunteers involved in the project?

E-volunteers came up with their own initiative to create such web portal and they approached our association. E-volunteers’ activities include technical maintenance of web portal and care for its substantive content. Among our ranks, we have a psychologist, lawyer and two IT specialists, who are with us from the beginning. Moreover, people who co create our web portal in their professional activity are often involved with the non-profit sector, therefore we post information related to possibilities of cofounding. We are responsible for a whole web portal. On October this year we have started our facebook fanpage with about 104 likes (28 October 2013). We are trying to support actively the orphanages – we receive plenty of mails from people who want to help. Therefore, we created on our website special bookmarks “I want to help” and “We need help” where donors voluntarily propose offers for donations, orphanages, on the other hand, voice their needs. It’s a virtual meeting place for both parties. On September we noted 7883 visits from unique guests.

How many volunteers are involved?

6 permanent e-volunteers and couple of people help occasionally.

Who are the e-volunteers involved in the project? How did you start co-operation with them?

E-volunteers consist of a group of people aged 25-35 working in various professional sectors. They know each other from work or privately. The group of e-volunteers approached the association with their idea. It’s a grass-root initiative. Some e-volunteers became the members of our association. The association Rodzina Kolpinga “Klub Celtycki” took the group of volunteers under their wings. Sometimes the lack of formalized legal personality was an obstacle - as for instance in case of signing a donation for immunity boosting lollipops.

How do you verify the e-volunteers’ competences before they start the co-operation with you?

In this case a group of e-volunteers have been already carrying out the project of a web portal www.domydziecka.org by their own means and as we have incorporated them into our association, we didn’t really verify anyhow their competences. Managing their own portal since 2010 was for our association an enough proof of their skills. Moreover, two of the members of association Rodzina Kolpinga “Klub Celtycki” are the members of this informal group of e-volunteers.

How do you ensure the safety and the quality of the e-volunteers’ work?

We are holding regular meetings in association’s headquarters, during which volunteers responsible for web portal www.domydziecka.pl present their activities – the passed as well as the future ones. Due to a fact that all volunteers are adults, and some of them have already experience in non-profit sector, our Association has full confidence in their activities. Furthermore, before our association vouched for this group of volunteers, web portal have already existed for couple of years – without any exterior funding or substantive support.

[Translation provided by our e-volunteer - THANK YOU!!!]