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Radio IN

Radio IN is an internet radio station with content created by disabled people from all over Poland.


Radio IN’s content is shaped by thoughts and passions of people who experienced many difficulties in their lives: powerlessness, pain, insecurity and fear stemming from various physical and psychological limitations. The produced broadcasts are thematically diverse and do not point to the kind of disability of their authors. Every single subject brought up on this radio station is normal and usual. Presenters of Radio IN talk about things important to them, their passions, their reasons for being angry, sad, astonished and motivated to overcome obstacles posed by their weaknesses.

Organized by: Caritas Polska

Website: www.radioin.pl

How did your initiative appeal to so many e-volunteers?

Around one dozen people from all over Poland are committed to the project. Creating content for Radio IN is not the sole activity undertaken by the volunteers working it – most of them have a steady job or are still learning. Sometimes journalists work in small groups. All of them meet up several times a year.

Who are e-volunteers taking part in the project? How did you begin co-operation with them?

These are people from all over Poland who expressed their wish to take part in the project. They were interested in working for a radio station; we knew some of them due to their activity in our institution; some of them contacted us on their own.

How many of them are active right now?

One of the most committed e-volunteers working for Radio IN is Piotr – a blind student from Bydgoszcz, who is responsible for creating a weekly broadcast called “Sport in perspective”, interviewing athletes, taking part in press conferences. Despite his disability, he provides his listeners with solid coverage on sport events and his own commentaries on them.

How do you verify the e-volunteers’ competences before starting co-operation with them?

Every disabled person, who has some idea of what they would like to do, can contact us. We will arrange a meeting, talk about our ideas and ways of realizing them. Then, we will guide our new volunteer and help them out in difficult situations.

How do you care for the security and quality of help provided by the e-volunteers?

Our volunteers set an example with their work and commitment for other disabled people; they prove that one has to be determined and try to pursue one’s dreams at all times. Our volunteers do tasks assigned to them mostly at their homes and are supplied with adequate radio equipment.

[Translation provided by our e-volunteer - THANK YOU!!!]