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For several years Fundacja Wspierania Nanonauk i Nanotechnologii NANONET has been revealing the nano-scale world to Polish society. Our main statutory task is to promote modern enterprise based on nanotechnology solutions and to popularise the results of scientific research conducted in this dynamically developing in recent years branch of science.

A team of approximately 60 volunteers from the whole Poland are responsible for the activity of the Foundation (we do not hire any employees). The Foundation has the status of a Public Profit Organisation; the entirety of financial resources obtained in the course of its activity is allocated for the statutory tasks. While accomplishing actions, especially those connected to promotion and popularisation of the results of scientific research, the Foundation cooperates with numerous national and foreign research organisations. Furthermore, it is engaged in an active dialogue with public authorities and supports entrepreneurs operating in high-technology markets.

The Foundation is a member of Polski Komitet Normalizacji ds. Nanotechnologii i Innowacji; founder of Warszawska Nano Sieć and Wrocławski Klaster Nanotechnologiczny. In 2011 the Foundation has been conferred a status of Krajowy Punkt Kontaktowy Europejskiej Platformy “Nanofutures” [National Contact Point for the European Platform “Nanofutures” ](within the EU Seventh Framework Programme). Moreover, NANONET is a founder and a leader of Śląski Klaster Nanotechnologiczny.

Since 2006 the Foundation has been maintaining the first Polish web page entirely devoted to nanotechnology – www.nanonet.pl, which is systematically being developed and modernised. Furthermore, due to user-involving applications, it is open to new solutions increasing its functionality. Foundation’s web pages are visited by 1 500 unique visitors daily (in 2011 www.nanonet.pl has been visited by approximately 90 000 visitors; in 2012 there have been as much as about 107 000)!

Beside the above mentioned web page the Foundation launched concurrent web pages: www.nanodialog.pl – it deals with ethical, legal and social issues resulting from the application of nanotechnology in daily life; www.nanobroker.org – it combines the world of science and business while promoting commercialisation of the research results and new technologies; and www.nanogallery.eu – it is a multimedia presentation of the nanotechnology world.

55 events connected with nanotechnology took place in Poland and abroad under the patronage of the Foundation in 2012. Since 2011 one of its fundamental partners is PAP Nauka w Polsce. The Foundation has been also awarded with the title “Populyzator Nauki 2011” for its activity in the field of promotion of education.


Organizer: Fundacja Wspierania Nanonauk i Nanotechnologii NANONET

Project title: NANONET

Website: www.nanonet.pl