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SENSD volunteers

SENSD is a network that aims to gather European students together to promote sustainable development by exchanging knowledge and information. By networking with European students concerned about sustainable development, we promote a new generation of students, aiming to create a co-operative, fair and environmentally friendly Europe. We are a volunteer-based network of 35 students, located in 12 different European countries actively working online to spread awareness regarding sustainability and trying to communicate online with other organisations working for the same purpose. We provide a platform for discussions and we have e-volunteers committed to work, expanding our network and starting valuable discussions with other students around Europe.


Who are the e-volunteers?

All SENSD members are part of our projects both at the national and international level. We recruit them through universities.

How many e-volunteers are involved?

35 e-volunteers.

Whom do they address the project to? Who is the recipient?

Our recipients are mostly students and student organisations all around Europe, which are keen to participate and spread awareness about sustainability issues.

How do they verify the e-volunteers’ competences before they start the co-operation with them?

We have an application procedure where CVs and cover letters are evaluated by the board, followed by a Skype interview and a decision conducted by the board after evaluating their achievements and skills. The main factors considered are self-motivation and previous achievements. The board evaluates every piece of work and project SENSD members suggest. After this is completed, feedback is collected to help make final decisions.


Name of the organisation: SENSD (Students' European Network for Sustainable Development

Project title: SENSD volunteers

Website: www.sensd.org