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GURT Web-portal

Today GURT is a leading Ukrainian producer and distributor of societal information via GURT web portal, which offers a vast variety of innovative services including e-newsletter, network of specialised websites and profiles in social media. The main distinctions that make GURT web portal a unique internet resource for CSOs are: non-partiality, independence, neutrality towards politics, orientation of users’ needs, novelty. More than 7000 registered users (community leaders, CSO managers and experts) inform about societal initiatives, look for partners and share their practical experience and knowledge via GURT web-portal. GURT provides media support to societal initiatives and attracts attention of key stakeholders to the topics that are not properly reflected in the traditional media. In 2009-2012 every fourth publication on GURT web portal presented new local initiatives. GURT is the first web portal in Ukraine that developed unique services for CSOs: experts’ blogs, interactive fundraising toolkit “DonorGate”, online coverage of the events, online consultations, ideoconferences. Experts’ blogs do not only serve as a tool for Ukrainian CSOs to inform about their activities, but also to shape public opinion on important societal issues and build positive reputation of CSOs and the overall civil society recognised experts regularly conduct thematic online consultations on the most challenging and appealing issues for CSOs and community leaders. GURT Resource Centre is moving towards becoming the #1 communication platform for CSO and community leaders in Ukraine – the virtual place where they regularly meet and discuss burning issues of societal transformations at local and national levels.

Who are the e-volunteers?

Volunteers on GURT web portal involve activists, who strive to become civic reporters as well as prominent public figures who give free consultations on advocacy, human rights, fundraising etc.

How many e-volunteers are involved?

In the current volunteer programme we have 3 translators, 2 editors, 5 civic journalists and around 15 expert bloggers are involved as volunteers on the portal. Since the beginning of the portal’s operation, over 100 activists have been involved as volunteers.

Whom do they address the project to? Who is the recipient?

Leaders of Ukrainian CSOs and CBOs, active citizens, media, donors, central and local government agencies and businesses.

How do they verify the e-volunteers’ competences before they start the co-operation with them?

Before becoming enrolled, every person keen to be a volunteer must demonstrate his/her competences and understanding of CSO sphere. Normally we put up ads and announcements, collect CVs, then we conduct interviews. The last stage is giving a trial task. After a month or two of working with a particular volunteer, we make a final decision whether our co-operation with a volunteer makes sense and is worth continuing or we cancel it at this point. Finding efficient and responsible volunteers at once is not the easiest matter; out of 10 willing only 1 or 2 volunteers

stay. As for expert bloggers, we usually engage famous people in the area who are familiar to us; e.g. those previously met at our or somebody else’s events. What is important is that we only responsible and trustworthy resource persons to blogging on GURT.

How do they ensure the safety and the quality of the e-volunteers’ work?

Performance of civic reporters is evaluated by participants of the volunteer program under the supervision of the co-ordinator. Participants evaluate whether a task was accomplished within the deadline, whether quality work was completed, for example. In order to strengthen volunteers’ competences, we use common planning sessions, mistake analysis and correction. Regardless of the fact that volunteer tasks are accomplished remotely, the work’s quality is frequently a lot higher than work of Kyiv-based volunteers.


Name of the organisation: GURT Resource Centre

Project title: GURT Web-portal

Website: www.gurt.org.ua