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The call service of Rättviseförmedlingen

After observing the lack of balance when it comes to gender representation in the media, the politics and the culture, the Swedish PR consultant Lina Thomsg?rd decided to start the social justice and equality project Rättviseförmedlingen (“Justice Agency” directly translated). Research shows that 80% of experts in news media are men and besides that, the majority of them are white. In other words the ethnic division is far from equal; we are completely failing in representing a large part of the population. The non-profit association Rättviseförmedlingen is offering a concrete solution to this existing imbalance and utilises the powerful dynamics of crowdsourcing and group powering to contribute to a more democratic, fair, and equal society. Through the crowdsourcing on our Facebook page (with close to 40,000 members) we are able to search for people from underrepresented groups in media, business culture and other contexts, and with the help and devotion from the members we can make recommendations, compiled in long lists of people who can balance up inequalities of representation in any given context. Our search/call service enables organisations, companies, or journalists to find alternative solutions to the normality, who will contribute to more equal representation when looking for experts, lecturers, directors, comedians, DJs, helicopter pilots, clowns, or any other areas – obscure or mainstream – of expertise.

Who are the e-volunteers?

The e-volunteers are mainly people from Sweden, but they also include people from several other countries, such as Norway, USA, England, Finland, Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Australia, India, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Switzerland, Thailand and Turkey. From the start in 2010 people have engaged in Rättviseförmedlingen by liking our page on Facebook and actively and voluntarily helping create long lists of people that challenge the given, social normality. By creating this online community and involving this huge amount of people we are able to make real, important changes in society and make it more democratic and equal.

How many e-volunteers are involved?

At the moment there are around 40,000 people engaged in Rättviseförmedlingen on Facebook, some more active than others. Every week we collect around 200-400 recommendations, which are then compiled to lists for the website. Rättviseförmedlingen had more than 200 people joining in only its first day, and in the first year over 24,000 people joined the project.

Whom do they address the project to? Who is the recipient?

Our target group is the general public, and more specifically people who want to strive and work for a more equal world. With this project we have the goal and the potential power to change society, and we are aimed specifically at organisations, companies, projects and the media.

How do they verify the e-volunteers’ competences before they start the co-operation with them?

We make calls and our members make suggestions of competent people they know that fit the description. We then trust the employers who want to use the compiled lists of people to complete their normal recruitment process in order to find whoever is best for the job. But, in this way, we make sure that those who have been overlooked because of stereotypical ideas about gender, origin, ethnicity, physical ability, age etc. can now be on the selection list.

How do they ensure the safety and the quality of the e-volunteers’ work?

We do not apply any actual quality check on the people that are being suggested and listed, but we believe that our volunteers give suggestions of people they actually know or know of, and who fit the description. Because of the online, open and transparent nature of Facebook, where everyone can see the recommendations made and react if anything does not look right or if they themselves do not feel like they should be on the list, the volunteers actually act as a quality check themselves. We also believe that the person looking for the competence will do his or her regular recruitment process to find whoever is best for the job, we only give new suggestions and enrich their list of selections, hence we don't need to apply any deeper quality control.


Name of the organisation: Rättviseförmedlingen

Project title: The call service of Rättviseförmedlingen

Website: www.facebook.se/rattviseformedlingen