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Do Something UK

vInspired, the UK’s leading youth volunteering charity, has brought Do Something to the UK to harness the creativity & energy of young people & engage them with causes that they care about. Recently named within the top 100 social brands in the world, DoSomething.org has over 750,000 website visits per month and 1 in 3 high schools in the USA participating in their programmes; their reach is huge. Building on the enormous success of Do Something in the US, Do Something UK has been set up by vInspired to increase social action by young people - creating a positive impact for their future and communities. Our goal for each campaign is: 1. To reach 400,000 young people through the media/social media 2. To inspire 10,000 young people to take action. With just 2 campaigns, we have reached over 250 million people worldwide and engaged over 20,000 young people. Since launching just a few months ago, the social media profiles have grown impressively, with more than 8,000 Twitter followers and over 25,000 Facebook fans.

Who are the e-volunteers?

Young people aged 14-25 in the UK. Engaged via integrated campaigns including: - Web design and development - Creation of stats, memes, infographics - Design and development of the downloadable pack - PR, above the line activity and social media advertising - Engaging integrated

social media campaigns - Brand ambassadors, both celebrity and online influential individuals.

How many e-volunteers are involved?

With just 2 campaigns, we have reached over 250 million people worldwide and engaged over 20,000 young people.

Whom do they address the project to? Who is the recipient?

Young people in the UK, aged 14-25.

How do they verify the e-volunteers’ competences before they start the co-operation with them?

Our calls to action are chosen to have maximum impact, without ever requiring money, an adult, or a car. The simplicity of the call to action ensures that all e-volunteers are capable of successfully getting involved and delivering success.

How do they ensure the safety and the quality of the e-volunteers’ work?

Again, due to the fact that a Do Something UK campaign will never require any money, an adult, or a car, the risk to their safety is always low. At the planning stage for each campaign, a full risk analysis is completed to highlight any risk potential to ensure we address this and control it and moderate where possible. So far this has delivered amazing results, with all e-volunteers safely and successfully getting involved and delivering impressive results.


Name of the organisation: Do Something UK, powered by vInspired

Project title: Do Something UK

Website: www.vinspired.com/dosomething