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The project is coherent and complementary to the existing activities of the organisation, namely the online advisory service, which works through information published on the organisation’s website (FAQ and brochure: Paths to satisfactory childbirth), as well as by e-maling list which currently has 208 members. The internet service is mainly focused on the needs of pregnant women and mothers. The service using the e-mailing list is more diverse, it offers, for example, information on where to find a good gynecologist, pediatrician or midwife, how to treat common ailments of newborns, how to solve problems with breastfeeding, where to find a good shop with products for children, toys suitable for a child according to its age, nursery according to the teaching method, etc. The e-mail service is very active and often develops in discussions. It has been running for 7 years and it works as an advisory service: a woman writes an e-mail with a question, for which she receives answers from other users with experience. The e-volunteering project directly relates to this activity, it will process and collect in one place the obtained information according to the categories – the online map and it will share this valuable information with the public. The role of volunteers will be to collect, select, actively search for, process and record the information into the online map.

Who are the e-volunteers?

Co-operation between the organisation and the volunteers has started by recruiting volunteers for World week of respect for childbirth (annually 50 to 70 volunteers). With part of those volunteers we work pemanently. In the e-mail group 208 members are present and they are from all over the Czech Republic. Recruiting e-volunteers for the mapping will be done by an online service, with the Facebook fans (currently 740) and organisation members, by newsletter, twitter, our webpage, internet media partner of the festival, EVS volunteers, participants of start-up camps.

How many e-volunteers are involved?

The festival is annually supported by 50-70 volunteers, 5-10 being permanently involved.

In the project MUMMY.MAP 40-60 will be regularly involved and tens to hundreds will help occassionally.

Whom do they address the project to? Who is the recipient?

Pregnant women, parents with a need for barrier-free access for strollers. Students of journalism, anthropology, cartography – by doing mapping they will acquire professional experience. Providers of „mummy friendly“ services: maternity units, maternity centres, restaurants with children’s corner or specific dietary dishes, kindergartens, etc.

How do they verify the e-volunteers’ competences before they start the co-operation with them?

The decisive factor is the volunteers‘ motivation and interest in the area (s)he wants to volunteer. With festival volunteers and members of the e-mail group we have long-term positive experience. The ability to collaborate on the online map creation will be verified during the first coordination meeting, which will clarify the basic rules and principles of the co-operation. The idea of the project will be presented in a way where the points are mapped and icons of different categories of „mummy-friendly“ services are chosen. The ones interested in collecting interviews with service providers will be also chosen. If necessary, the training sessions and webinars on the use of the online applications and programs will be organised.

How do they ensure the safety and the quality of the e-volunteers’ work?

The right to insert the points at maps.google.com application will be granted by assigning the e-mail account of the volunteer in the application, which prevents abuse of the map or its overloading due to a large number of icons and users, who do not work on the project. The quality of the project is assured by ongoing data collection and updates on the map and blog, by the already mentioned discussion and references of the e-mail group. The textual data will be edited and proofread by a volunteer with experience in this area. The volunteers will be trained in IT skills according to their needs.

Name of the organisation: Hnutí za aktivní mateřství

Project title: MUMMY.MAP

Website: http://iham.cz/nabizime/poradna-a-faq/