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TDAH France dans votre Région

The organisation aims to create a safe social network on the Internet, which enables volunteers’ and association adherents’ support skills to develop and it stores more personalised information. Information available in the network will concern people suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and will include different topics, such as educational difficulties, learning disabilities, social or professional integration difficulties, support possibilities that can be found locally or in organisation-appointed departments.

Who are the e-volunteers?

Volunteers are adults or parents of children suffering from ADHD.

How many e-volunteers are involved?

60 volunteers were involved in 2012.

Whom do they address the project to? Who is the recipient?

Beneficiaries are children, adolescents and adults suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (4% in France), their families and association volunteers (60) who also need support.

How do they verify the e-volunteers’ competences before they start the co-operation with them?

Volunteer skills are assessed during recruitment by 3 different people:

-  The Head Regional of the area where the volunteer wishes to get involved in volunteering,

- The person who is responsible for recruiting and coordinating the network of volunteers in the organisation

- The president of the association

Each area of recruitment assesses the level of knowledge on the subject, the ability to provide practical help and cope with the demands, the ability to manage and use Internet tools available.

Monitoring is performed regularly at meetings of the Board of Directors.

Support and training are provided for those who need it, as well as  training seminars, which are conducted regularly to ensure more specialised training.

How do they ensure the safety and the quality of the e-volunteers’ work?

By upgrading of the site according to the rules HONCode and maintaining compliance with its standards by respecting the HONcode charter (code of conduct for health websites, http://www.hon.ch/HONcode/French/ )

By issuing volunteers a guide designed for them listing the code of conduct and company rules. The documents are regularly updated and contain practical tools, available on paper, online and on pdf and word files.

By creating a discussion forum dedicated to volunteers, where information is regularly updated and volunteers have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience.

By an annual interview with each volunteer of the organisation – either by arranging a meeting or by holding a discussion on telephones.

By informing volunteers regularly about news and changed related to the organisation and by creating training seminars dedicated to volunteers, which may include specific training sessions concerning the website content and the way it's managed.


Name of the organisation: HyperSupers TDAH France

Project title: TDAH France dans votre Région

Website: http://dev.hypersupers.creaweb.fr/