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Have you ever faced difficulties with your rising children? Institution Elerin helps parents to deal with normal everyday problems that family has to face, problems with "difficult" children, disabled children but also adults with problems which are consequence of improper raising and inheritance such as self-esteem issues, general anger, suicidal thoughts.


The scope includes sections such as counseling to pregnant women, young children, teenagers, families and individual adults.

Who are the e-volunteers?
The counselors come from a variety of fields: from a mother of a disabled child, to a doula and
professor of defectology and Master of logopedics to a mother of three. All of them have deep knowledge of the values of the people living in the city of Abeokuta Nigeria.

How many e-volunteers do they have?


Whom do they address their activity to? Who is the recipient?

Children of all ages, including grown-ups. Pregnant women, families, people with difficulties in their
families whether children or parents.

Name of the organization: Institution Elerin, foundation for life with value

Project title: Otrok otroku nasmeh (Child to Child a Smile)

Website: http://www.otrokotrokunasmeh.webs.com