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On-line Volunteering Portal

The Portal creates a useful link between volunteers and the vulnerable social groups as well as communities. This internet project enables volunteers to discover, on-line, volunteering opportunities and vulnerable groups and voluntary organizations representing the needs of people and communities to register their needs!

The Volunteering Portal is an internet based software application/tool which offers:

  • the registration of new volunteers & groups,
  • the registration of needs of the vulnerable groups,
  • a matching need and demand mechanism (which identifies the volunteer who matches with thespecifications of every registered need),
  • information room
  • a personal page for every volunteer and
  • an sms and email reminder mechanism

The Volunteering Portal improves the Cyprus Volunteer Centre’s procedures, enhances theregistration procedure, administration, training, monitoring and evaluation of volunteers and speedsup and makes more effective and efficient the need and demand matching process.


Who are the e-volunteers?

E-olunteers come from different ages, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Volunteers may register as ‘individuals’ or ‘volunteer groups’ adding a new dimension to group volunteering.

How many e-volunteers do they have?

Considering its ‘infant’ stage the Portal has 620 registered volunteers and a small of volunteer groups, the website attracts 1000 visitors/month (with access to news, events, volunteering opportunities).

Whom do they address their activity to? Who is the recipient?

The Portal is open to any person/ group of volunteers interested in volunteering. There are no age, social, or other limits. The Portal is also open to any voluntary organisation/NGO, organized network or even individual who/which wishes to register a need that has to be addressed through volunteering.


Name of the organization: Pancyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council (PVCC)

Project title: On-line Volunteering Portal

Website: http://www.ethelontis.net