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Lahendus.net (Solution.net)

To prevent the onset of mental and behavioural disorders; to support young people with their psychosocial problems and to develop students’ concept of youth problems through experience and training are the main goals on Lahendus.net!

The project Lahendus.net (Solution.net) was launched in 2001 by some active psychology students. It is an online psychological counselling service run by psychology students and aimed at 10-29 year old children and young adults in Estonia.

The main part of the project is carried out by psychology students who answer the letters of registered users on the online platform (www.lahendus.net). This contains specially developed software with an internal mail exchange system and client regulated privacy level. It is a convenient system for recording client-counsellor correspondence and at the same time the platform also offers information on mental health problems, how to seek professional help and includes a database of contacts to professional psychologists in Estonia.

Who are the e-volunteers?

Psychology students from the University of Tartu and Tallinn University in the advanced part of their

studies and other students who contribute to running the organisation. Students have to apply for

becoming a volunteer, complete a knowledge test and answer to a sample letter.

How many e-volunteers do they have?

There are currently 78 e-volunteers – some of them contribute only to the administrative part.

Whom do they address their activity to? Who is the recipient?

The services and activities are aimed at 10-29 year old children and young adults. The provided service is easily accessible also to young people living outside of bigger towns in the areas where psychosocial support might be difficult to reach.


Name of the organization: Estonian Psychology Students Association

Project title: Lahendus.net (Solution.net)

Website: http://www.lahendus.net/