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Kiwi -100% volunteering juice

Creativity, initiative, volunteering, inspiration! 'Kiwi' is a website about an active society. Filled with information about social activity and volunteering, edited by e-volunteers - jurnalists!

Who are the e-volunteers?

E-jurnalists are generally students, but joungers. They are people with different kind of study, not only a jurnalist study. 

How many e-volunteers do they have?

15 e-volunteers.

Whom do they address their activity to? Who is the recipient?

Whole people who like writting, who like meeting people and have passion. Activity is treated as fun or relax for the poeple and building the experience for the further journalists or not journalists.

Name of the organization: Regional Volunteer Centre in Gdansk

Project title: Kiwi - 100% volunteering juice

Website: http://www.kiwi.org.pl/