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I am obstructed here

Have you ever wondered about the problems that people with disabilities struggle every day? Do you realize that even a badly parked car can be a huge barrier for a person in a wheelchair? Within the scope of www.buradaengellendim.com the photos of architectural barriers are taken and loaded to website by hundreds of citizens from all over Turkey! 

Laureate of the 2nd edition of the  

Through this project the places that are not accessible for everyone are marked. The attention of people who work in public institutions and private sector organizations is drawn and the sensitivity of non-disabled people, that are not aware of and get used to the many barriers in daily life, is increased at the same time. A country can have conscious, healthy, self-confident, talented and skilled citizens if all of its individuals can get a chance to participate in social life and if the government officials regard disabled people as indispensible part of. 

Thanks to ‘I am obstructed here’ project, originators make extensive effort to draw public institutions’ and private organizations’ attention. They work for eliminating outdated understanding, that imprison disabled people at  home.

Website: www.buradaengellendim.com


Who are the e-volunteers taking part in the project? How did you start the cooperation with them?

The web site was designed as the most easily accessible and functional format to raise volunteer's participation and it has various supporters from all walks of society, especially people with disabilities show interest in project. The root of coordinated work relies on creating consciousness and increasing awareness of society on accessibility problem. The collaboration with volunteers will begin by their sustainable participation to this study for the fight against discriminatory and segregationist practices. No doubt, effective advertisement and publicity activities are required to accomplish this task.

How many e-volunteers are involved in the project?

Since the first day of the project, 400 different people uploaded their photos to our website and the number of people who actively engaged in volunteering varies every day, yet it has been increasing day by day.

How do you verify the e-volunteers competences before you start the cooperation with them?

The proficiency levels of the volunteers are tested via website moderator. The comments and photos are scanned, approved and uploaded by the authorized personnel who is assigned by The Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey.

How do you ensure the safety and the quality of the e-volunteers work?

The integrity, accuracy and actuality of the photos uploaded on www.buradaengellendim.com are investigated. In the inquiry stage, claimed architectural barriers are identified via mapping services of Google and Yandex search engines. If it is not available, the place of the barrier is investigated through visiting in order to confirm. In addition to that, the photo is banned if the location information is not provided accurately.