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Handbook 'Management of Online-Volunteers'

Academy for volunteering Germany responds to the needs of German society - there is no information for interested people/volunteers, and also for NPO, how to set up a online volunteer engagements, offers for online volunteering, and implement an online volunteer structure within the organization. Also interested online volunteer do not know, what they have to get as support etc by the NGO they are volunteering for.


Handbook Online Volunteer Management is a practical guide for both, volunteers and NPO staff to develop good and sufficient online volunteer engagements. It is published by online volunteers themselves – to show by example how easy online volunteering work is. Last but not least there is a chapter 'handicapped people and online volunteering' – for this is a big chance for inclusion! This info points out the specific needs of handicapped volunteers. 

Who are the e-volunteers?

A young female and a male students, senior online volunteer, approved as a layouter.

How many e-volunteers do they have?


Whom do they address their activity to? Who is the recipient?

•Interested volunteers that want to volunteer online

•handicapped volunteers

•NPO/NGO interested in building up an online volunteering

•Volunteer managers/coordinators



Name of the organization: Academy for volunteering Germany

Project title: handbook 'Management of Online-Volunteers'

Website: http://www.ehrenamt.de