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This project consists of three interresting areas. Teachers' E-book, E-kids Teachers and E-Generation. What is it about? Click to find out more!


Project has started with the new school year 2010/2011 and continues to the present.

First module: E-Book

Teacher's E-book covers all grades. All chapters include multimedia units. Each chapter is divided on subjects. The E-book for teachers is available directly at www.itlearning-bg.com.

Second module: E-kids Teachers

During the current academic year an experimental training on this module takes place. Students from high school work with students from primary school in the role of their teachers. Small groups have been formed with the approval of parents and the school management. Weekly sessions are held where children-teachers teach young students the skills to work with IT. Teaching English is the other accent of the project. Students - teachers are supervised by a teacher-consultant. At this experimental stage two groups in two different Bulgarian cities are formed.

Third module: E-Generation

The third module of the project 'E-volunteers' is included as a basis for development of the first two modules. It presents works submitted by students who had participated in the competition IT Znayko /which means pupils with IT knowledge/ organized by the Education and Technologies Assoc.

Who are the e-volunteers?

Our e-volunteers are mainly teachers from Bulgaria who share educational content created by them to be used by their colleagues. Also a team of students-teachers and their supervisor from the E-Kids module.

How many e-volunteers do they have?


Whom do they address their activity to? Who is the recipient?


Teachers and indirectly to students all over Bulgaria.

Name of the organization: Education and Technologies Assoc. 

Project title: E-Volunteers

Website: http://itlearning-bg.com