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One of the oldest projects focusing on e-voluntary work in Europe! A main goal is to empower people through the social use of ICTs. How do they do it?


Foundacion cibervoluntarios:

  • encourages society to use ICT - citizens, institiutions and NGOs
  • promotes a responsible and appropriate use of contents, services, tools and access to information
  • romotes the creation, training and mobilization of a technological volunteer: the
  • cybervolunteers
  • creates a social conscience: to generate positive social&cultural attitudes towards the
  • importance of New Technologies for the development and advancement of society
  • removes barriers that prevent knowledge and use of new technologies, especially the
  • physical, social&cultural ones.
  • encourages participation through ICT and the responsible use of these tools among the youth



They are a social change agents conscious of the power of new technologies to bring about this change and empower people. Developed a vital role in connecting local and global information society through their initiatives. 

Who are the e-volunteers?

Cybervolunteers are curious and proactive people, with solidarity, passion and enthusiasm for new


How many e-volunteers do you have?

More than 1500 cybervolunteers.

Whom do you address your activity to? Who is the recipient?

Cybervolunteers adapt a variety of applications and technology tools for all the needs of excluded people may have (social, employment, educational, communication and participation needs) for which technologies represent the distinctive feature that helps them to empower themselves; this is to say, increase their capacities and opportunities within their environment.


Name of the organization: Fundación Cibervoluntarios/ Cybervolunteers Foundation

Project title: Cibervoluntarios/ Cybervolunteers

Website: http://www.cibervoluntarios.org/