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Woluntary Work Agency CENTERKO

An example of using e-volunteering to coordinate the project! To keep voluntary work attractive, coordinators (e-volunteers) are matching volunteers and occupations, giving volunteers an opportunity to learn and develop their interests.


The e-volunteer coordinators communicate with volunteers by e-mail, telephone or letter. In addition, every Monday, volunteers and volunteer coordinators receive news in the form of a newsletter, so they have an opportunity to choose activity for themselves. Volunteering is about doing what you really like!

Who are the e-volunteers?

E-volunteer may be with them all regardless of age, sex, education, economic status, health, or origin.

How many e-volunteers do you have?

About 30 volunteers, registered in the Database of Volunteers are the e-volunteers.

Whom do you address your activity to? Who is the recipient?

Any organization that wishes to cooperate with innovative forms of organization that provides e-volunteering.


Name of the organization: Woluntary Work Agency CENTERKO

Project title: Woluntary Work Agency CENTERKO

Project website: http://www.centerko.org/