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Bodywhys online support for people affected by eating disorders

Online support for people with eating disorders provided by e-volunteers. Help for individuals and groups. Groups run weekly and are a safe place for people with eating disorders to explore what they are experiencing with others experiencing similar problems.


The group is about helping people to express how they are feeling, get support from others and move towards recovery from their eating disorder. Sessions last 1 hour and 30 minutes. A simple set of rules and guidelines must be observed. Participants register for the service via the website.


Who are your e-volunteers?

Volunteers have to be aged over 20 years, enjoy teamwork, be reliable and punctual and those volunteers who have had an eating disorder have to be recovered for a minimum of two years.

How many e-volunteers do you have?

21 volunteers.

Whom do you address your activity to? Who is the recipient?

The online support groups are for anyone with an eating disorder aged upwards from 13 years old. Email support service is open to anyone affected by an eating disorder (people who have an eating disorder, family, friends).


Name of the organization: Bodywhys. The Eating Disorders Association of Ireland

Project title: Bodywhys online support for people affected by eating disorders

Project website: http://www.bodywhys.ie