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Supporting the association by publicating information on the Website. Publicate post-local or regional information, concerning the organization of conferences, meetings, conferences, thematic meetings and so on.


Who are the e-volunteers?

The Cyber-volunteers  are often women, who contacted the association for information and have benefited from the resources at their disposal and, subsequently, wish to get involved in helping to other families in similar paths: they share their knowledge and experience they have acquired.

How many e-volunteers do you have?


Whom do you address your activity to? Who is the recipient?

It addresses:

- families and adults affected by ADHD

- school officials with students affected

- health professionals and paramedics that provide screening and follow-up

- In charge of institutional integration

- media that communicate on the subject.


Name of the organization: TDAH France

Project title: HyperSupers

Project website: http://www.tdah-france.fr