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Agência ODM - ODM Campus Challenge

The Project MDG’s Campus Challenge - invites all its participants to activate their communities, university colleagues, relatives, friends, pets etc. to transform the world which surrounds them. In this project we invite the teams to think further head their streets, to think globally and give their contribution to a global change, acting locally.


To actuate the participants get together in teams and start challenging themselves giving answers to more than 60 activist challenges they can develop which are present on our website www.odmcampuschallenge.org.pt. On the way these teams get some awards and can be eligible to become the winner team of MDG’s Campus Challenge. The main reference of this Project is the MDG’s-all the challenges the teams do on their communities are inspired by them.

Who are the e-volunteers?

MDG's Challenge target are university students between 18 and 30. Motivated by the ideals of the Millennium Development Goals, these participants want to promote changes and develop activities on their local communities, their schools, their friends.

How many e-volunteers do you have?


Whom do you address your activity to? Who is the recipient?

This activity is integrated on National Strategy of Development Education, as main target has the universitary students.


Name of the organization: Associação PAR - Respostas Sociais

Project title: Agência ODM - ODM Campus Challenge

Website: www.odmcampuschallenge.org.pt