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Created in August 2008, 'draugauki.me' is the only website in Lithuania dedicated exclusively for erderly people. The aim is to seek for the integration of senior people in sophisticated field of modern technologies of communication. It is based on is articles, audio and video files posted by e-volunteers (IT tutorials, philosophical texts, essays about healthy living, nature, houshold, economy etc.).

For two decades, computers and the internet are changing people's interaction, behavior, habits and attitudes to various subjects. However, the Lithuanian - speaking audience of seniors through all of this time did not have a unique space on the web, where they could meet like-minded people. 'Draugauki.me' created a possibility for aged people to feel comfortable being in the internet, to gain knowledge in different fields, to find friends and communicate with them using modern tools.

Who are your e-volunteers?

The majority of e-volunteers are elderly people themselves. Another part of e-volunteers are middle-aged people (from 20 to 30) sharing their volunteering with their main jobs.

How many e-volunteers do you have?


Who is the recipient?

This project is aimed to all lithuanian speaking elderly people who are aged approximately over 50.


Name of the organization: Projects of Social Responsibility

Project title: 'Draugauki.me' - a website for senior people in Lithuania

Project website: http://www.draugauki.me/