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An online map of wheelchair accessible places. Wheelmap.org (www.wheelmap.org/en) is an online map of wheelchair accessible places, created by e-volunteers.

The idea of Wheelmap.org is to provide disabled people, such as users of wheelchairs or walking frames (in total 4,8 million - just in Germany), sharing location based information about wheelchair accessibility of public places.


The simplicity of Wheelmap.org gives opportunity to share information to every person who would like to help. All data are open to the public and anyone can use and distribute them. E-volunteers actualize the map via the Web or via mobile phone (applications for mobile phones are available for free to download from the project's website).

Wheelmap engages the whole society, not only the disabled. Organizers remind in social campaigns that one day anyone of us could have similar problems with architectural barriers, e.g. we might have broken leg.

The Wheelmap.org is accessible online in 12 different languages so far, engaging e-volunteers from all over the world. The map technology is based on OpenStreetMap, a community with 400.000 members worldwide. Within our first year (2010), e-volunteers around the world collected more than 70.000 location based data. Every day at least 100 hundred new entries are being added.

Name of organization: SOZIALHELDEN ('social heroes')
Project website: www.wheelmap.org/en